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As the creator of The Wise Mum blog, I used to think I was tired before I had children. But then I had children. That’s when I truly realized the meaning of the word “TIRED.” My name is Sterling Lopez. And my incredibly resourceful website, The Wise Mum is all about motherhood and parenting fun AND disasters.

Now you already know that mommy blogs are excellent reserves of invaluable information. They’re packed with fantastic parenting tips and hacks. Along with frugal practices that certainly go a long way!

But here’s the thing about most such blogs. Unfortunately yet commonly, they fail to relate to you on a more personal level. Only a few genuine mom bloggers are able to do that. And I take pride in admitting that I fall in the category of the latter.

I decided to create The Wise Mum despite knowing that mom bloggers are not taken seriously as professionals and entrepreneurs. In fact, my work is proof that what I do is powerful enough to break barriers. I have managed to turn my blog into a profitable and self-rewarding business.

The Wise Mum is all about motherhood, parenting, pregnancy, baby,
beauty, kitchen, travel, and more. It’s a sacred space for moms who feel that the experience can be both fulfilling and terrifying at the same time.

As an avid blogger, I’m not just telling my story. But I’m also offering a world of advice and, most importantly, SUPPORT. So consider The Wise Mum as your go-to point for the latest information on a kid-friendly lifestyle and habits.

And if you need reasons to go through my blog and read the diverse range of articles I’ve created, I can provide you with those too. This might give you a better understanding of what my website has to offer.

3 Reasons Why “The Wise Mum” Is Worth Your Time

#1 The Wise Mum Speaks On A More Personal Level

Not many mommy bloggers share relevant information online. Most of them simply want to get their website under the limelight in order to make money fast and easy. Now, this is not such a bad idea. But if you’re a troubled mom dealing with common problems, you want solutions that are the most effective. And preferably permanent solutions, not quick, temporary fixes, right?

This is where my platform The Wise Mum comes into the picture. Over the years, I have developed a unique way of truly opening up in the form of my “how-tos” and “tips and tricks.” My work is practically my story.

One good example is the Long Torso Waist Trainer vs Short Torso Waist Trainer post. This I wrote when I wanted to accomplish my weight loss goals quickly post-pregnancy.

On The Wise Mum, you’re also very likely to gain access to expert product recommendations. Such as the Best Minimizer Bras for Large Breasts. Or the Best Purses for Moms with Toddlers.

The product reviews are not only detailed but also authentic and very descriptive. They also include buying guides and frequently asked questions. So you can get an in-depth understanding of what you’re looking for. That’s the kind of relevancy and personal touch I’m talking about.

#2 The Wise Mum Is A Smarter Platform Than You Think

There’s no doubt you’re more inclined toward loving the kind of articles found on The Wise Mum. That is if you’re expecting a baby or already have a few!

Even as a well-informed consumer, your chances of finding the posts particularly useful are higher. But why is that? Let’s find out below.

When purchasing products, you often get confused. Cause now there are so many options to choose from, right? The manufacturers have increased. On top of that, each brand has now come up with multiple models that do the same thing. So it’s tricky trying to decide what works best for you.

On The Wise Mum, there are plenty of articles that highlight such comparisons. Such as the Britax Frontier vs Pioneer vs Britax Pinnacle when choosing the best travel car seat. Another great example is the Singer 4411 vs 4423 vs 4432 vs 4452 at the time of buying the
best sewing machine.

These comparison posts and many more open up your brain to a whole new perspective. And that, in turn, definitely makes you a smarter shopper.

#3 The Wise Mum Posts New, Distinct Content Regularly

When was the last time you stumbled upon a mom blogger who creates content on a consistent basis? To be honest, it’s very common to find blogs that share information only when convenient. Meaning they post only when the mood or need arises. Not many mommy bloggers are dedicated enough to establish a dependable platform.

Creating content regularly requires special attention and commitment. The kind that is abundantly present on my blog. This is what has managed to drive my website and business to success.

As a reader, you might like to have the door wide open to several topics of discussion. This includes articles ranging from the most common issues to the most unusual ones. A good example of the former would be the popular debate between the Chemex vs. French Press vs. Drip Coffee Maker vs. Percolator vs. Espresso vs. Moka. And one very appropriate example of the latter is the review of Schwinn 270 vs 230 – The Best Recumbent Bike for Seniors. That’s how diverse and ultimately useful my blog is.

Also, when a blogger creates all types of content, what does that prove? In this case, it suggests that I make it a point to share information I know you’re looking for on the internet. And on a regular basis, without a doubt.

Final Words

In the end, it’s all about finding solutions to the most common problems. But not just any solutions, I’m talking about effective ones. That’s what defines The Wise Mum.

My website discusses topics like traveling with kids, reheating crab legs, tightening bra straps, buying blade grinder for cold brew, etc. Meaning popular, trending topics on the web.

However, The Wise Mum also narrows down the search to just women-centric concerns. Particularly pregnancy and parenting-related!

My blog is quite successful when it comes to focusing on these types of “mom” topics. It features my “tried and tested” advice. And I’m proud to admit that I’m an enthusiastic and crazy mom myself.

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